Website Not Working for You?

Thought we’d step back and take a look at why most websites fail, expanding upon a conversation we had at last nights meetup group.

Yes, having a WordPress site has huge benefits in terms of easy updates and being google-friendly. But beyond the technology, you also need to understand what your visitors expect of you and your website – How to turn those extra site visitors, into sales.

winstonmarsh-thumbHere’s one of the best 15 min summaries I’ve come across in the last ten years, providing a really practical roadmap and ‘to do’ list for any website owner. It’s an old audio interview with Winston Marsh, an elderly Aussie with decades of small business marketing experience, both traditional and online.

Article taken from my Support website

The other hot discussion was around Google tools and SEO for WordPress. Here’s a link to our earlier SEO meetup, updated. Also look at the WPSocial plugin. It’s powerful, but like many things around SEO, a pain to setup correctly. If you’re looking for that magic plugin to solve your traffic issues then this (or others) isn’t it. Getting and maintaining website traffic also takes expert planing, data analysis and commitment each week.

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