WordPress.com Weekend Specials

Just noted that WordPress.com are running some special offers this weekend only.

Their US$99 premium now includes free premium themes for a year, saving $120. Using wordpress.com for your small or home business was covered in and earlier meetup and we’re a big fan of this option for beginners. Check out WordPress for Beginners

If anyone needs help over the weekend setting these up websites or wanting to use a .co.nz domain and setup email for these, which can get tricky, email us kevin@wordhost.co.nz­ or fill in your details in the form below…

As said in my article using wordpress.com servers and tools is a great startup option for small business or serious bloggers, writers, non-profits, branded family websites etc. It reduces the need to get spend hundreds/thousands on website design, hosting etc and can usually be setup in a day. It’s a much superior website option over other cheap tools like weebly, blogger and the hundreds of nasty host company website builders… Just the ability to more easily share content and gain search traffic is impressive.

p.s. A professional upgrade path is important too. If you follow the process in my beginners article, it makes it easy for us to migrate/upgrade this WordPress.com site over to your full 100% customised self-hosted WordPress site later as you grow, or need more advanced features. You then have total control to add in Membership options, email list building tools, slick galleries, directories, enhanced SEO and analytics, even an eCommerce shop etc – All done for way less cost than others will charge you.


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