Developers Night – Tech tips to finding new clients

Here’s some of the sites and tools we use to figure out stuff

Good place to start is those on openhost servers which tend to be on the slow site and have sites that don’t rank well. Look at large existing providers (e.g. Zeald) to find clients in need of an upgrade but can’t afford it, or have a site that isn’t ranking. The above tools will help your work this out and make a case from a technical perspective.

Later in the evening we also discussed compression and site speed. There’s certainly no single plugin or tool that fixes site speed. There’s multiple causes. But the host you use is usually the biggest single issue to test and eliminate first. However assuming that’s okay, here’s the plugins that were discussed to reduce image files and speed up sites..

Caching options are many and varied. W3cache the most popular, but also erratic in use. But rocketme premium plugin I’ve found the easiest to setup and support is good.

Finally, that plugin organizer..

The next session will examine the traditional marketing aspects

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