The Honest Truth About Hosting

Updated for October 2015

Auckland WordPress User Group

Updated Sept 2015 – Hosting is a complex, contentious topic. Even the self-proclaimed ‘professionals’ disagree. Web designers, IT people and even developers are often surprisingly ignorant upon what makes a good or bad host. They tend to just follow the crowd, relying upon others. This is a frank, honest account from a tertiary-qualified engineer who has been working on line and used over 100 host providers since 1998.

hosting-datacenterI’ve provided a summary below of the main types used today.

Shared Hosting

fronttrainThis is where computing resources are shared amongst multiple domains and users. This can range from 100 to 1,000, with 500 commonplace. Think of shared hosting as riding on an old, overcrowded Indian commuter train, except you’ve no idea how may others have boarded the same train. Generally the cheaper the monthly [host] cost, the more commuters you’re sharing the ride with, the more delays, the slower it runs…

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