WordPress – The 4-in-1 Website, Blog, Shop & Social Platform

These days it’s hard to do it all online. Different vendors and suppliers will all push you towards one ‘channel’ to the exclusion of others. But the reality is that to succeed online and get know, you need to do lots of stuff. Exclude nothing.

  • StorefrontA Website that displays your brand and purpose
  • A weekly Blog that drives search traffic and customers
  • A simple shop to sell your products and/or services
  • Automated Social Media linking that engages friends; clients

I believe WordPress is better form small businesses than all other online solutions in its inherent ability to bring together all the essential elements in an easy-to-manage, affordable manner.

For example, examine the admin menu of our training ‘enhanced’ WordPress site (right). With just a handful of premium add-ons and coding, can not only provide the normal SEO-optimised WordPress blog and website pages, but also is:

  • mobile-friendly for iphone, ipad or android viewing
  • has build-in portfolios, galleries and/or fancy sliders
  • smart webforms with auto-responders, surveys etc,
  • a versatile shopping cart or setup as a quoting platform
  • able to sell real or digital products, services, even training courses
  • connections to multiple social media channels via the WordPress Jetpack extensions.

We don’t suggest you do all this in one go, but it does help illustrate how far the WordPress platform can be expanded to grow as needs and business direction dictates.

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