What is WordPress?

WordPress is an Open Source CMS website software application that can be used on any personal, and/or commercial projects without any restrictions (cost, legal etc).

Many high-end CMS requires “Seat Licenses” which means that you have to pay them per user who will be using it. wp_marketshareOn the other hand WordPress is free of such restrictions. Even in use it is remarkable, making it easier for the business owner to update their website content 24/7 via web browser or mobile device. No web designer needed…

WordPress dominates the web for content managed sites (CMS), with a massive 54% market share worldwide. (Some estimates now have this closer to 66%). Second placed CMS was Joomla has around 10% and Drupal 6%.

Is WordPress secure?

Absolutely, although competitors will naturally tell you otherwise. However it’s inherent popularity means it’s always a big target for hackers and dos attacks. WordPress itself is quite secure, with an expert team keeping track of things and providing updates as needed to the 30 million user base. Like any CMS technology, most often it’s poor admin practices (weak passwords), bad (free) themes, bad plugins/add-ons, plus cheap hosting ($10-20/mth) that causes the worst security and performance problems. Just adhering to good practices is what’s needed, which are all items we’ll cover in our meetups…

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